Natural vegetable tan leather belt 1.5″ wide – Made To Order


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This leather belt is made from specially selected 8-9oz veg tan leather. It is made to the measurements selected – adjustable two inches larger, and two inches smaller. The tip is generally 7 inches from the center measurement.

The sizing is measured from the center of the buckle to the center hole, when checking your size to purchase online either use a measuring tape around the area that your pants naturally sit or measure a belt you already wear (from the buckle where it sits in the hole to the hole you wear your belt on).

Inside and out this belt is a plain vegetable tan colour that has been treated with natural oils and wax and suntanned to deepen the colour. As it ages and weathers it will darken to a deep golden red-brown. Additionally the waxes and oils will help to seal it from the elements and wear, and the edges and interior are burnished to give the item additional protection. The belt comes with a simple 1.5″ buckle, and there are two snaps holding the tail down that will allow for the buckle to be changed out or a belt keeper to be added as desired. The fold along the buckle has been skived to sit flat.

Customization is available, initials can be applied for a modest fee, different coloured snaps may be used, or a line can beveled near the edges. Message me for details.


Each item starts out from a side of North American or European vegetable tanned leather, tanned in a natural process with tree bark and vegetable oils. From here I first hand cut each piece to the desired dimensions, clean up the inside and the edges, then after an appropriate length of time casing the leather with water I free hand cut and/or tool in the chosen design with variety of hand tools. Afterwards the item is oiled and left to dry for a time before colour is added with spirit dyes and acrylics through airbrushing, application with daubers, rubbing over the impressions, and paint brushing details. At the end, a finish is applied and edges burnished with water, oils, and beeswax to give the item a long life.

Items will often stretch a small amount from wear, and will often take some breaking in in order to conform to its owner. It may sometimes help to lightly dampen the inside of the item during the first few wears to assist this process. In doing this, some dye may transfer to your skin during the first few wears or if the item becomes too wet. The dye itself is non-toxic, but often colourfast to any surfaces it may get on. For dye on the skin, shampoo (the hair kind) seems to work the best at removing it.

To ensure the long life of your items, keep them away from strong solvents and chemicals. They may also discolour from sitting in the sun over time. Oiling the item with mink oil will keep it soft and pliable, though natural body oils and wear is often all that is needed.


If you like what you see here, and want something different, feel free to contact me – I can customize any design and tailor it to your liking.

Thank you very much for looking!

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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