Available Leather Colours / Swatches

Below are the available leather and colours we attempt to keep on hand. To view the buttero colors close up without any edits click the image from the gallery down the page.

Concercia Walpier

Buttero Colour Options

The default option for most items is Concercia Walpier’s Buttero leather. This is a natural vegetable tanned leather struck through with dye that comes in an array of vibrant colours. This leather is firm and will develop a patina over time that allows the deep set colour to really shine through.

Concercia Walpier is based in the Tuscany region of Italy, part of the Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.

Badalassi Carlo

Badalassi Carlo Options

We also carry other options in limited quantities, most often from Badalassi Carlo, another tannery based in Tucany, also part of the Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.

Nofin / Minerva is very similar to Buttero, but comes in some different colours.

Pueblo is a leather that has been roughed up to appear somewhat matte. This gives it a unique appearance and feel, soft while not at all suede. Additionally as it is also struck through with colour it ages beautifully.

Waxy is a finished leather that has been imbued with additional wax and oils giving it an aged pullup effect in a vegetable tanned leather.

Vinymo MBT

In addition, various thread colour options are available. I am most fond of Japanese Vinymo MBT thread – a bonded thread that does not fray giving clean finished results. Other colours not showing are not typically difficult for me to get, if I don’t already have them.

Size #5 thread works fairly well for the stitch lengths I generally use: 7 spi / 3.85mm and 9 spi / 3.0mm).

For a different look and feel I will also use Fil Au Chinois ‘Lin Cable’ linen thread, often for projects at 12 spi / 2.25mm.